Student Loans Consolidation
copyright, 2008
Student Loan
It is needless to say that college education is very
important. Although having a degree is not a
guarantee having a job, it is undeniably one of
the things that employers often look for and
consider in an applicant’s resume.

Hand in hand with a college education’s
importance, it should also be acknowledged that
the funds needed for getting a college degree is
also following a rising trend. There is a significant
amount of money involved in financing a student
who wants to earn a college degree. This is why
there are a lot of institutions and corporations
who are willing to lend money to students who
has the drive to put themselves into college, but
course, there is a silver lining to this. The
Carolina Student Loan Corporation
is a dedicated
institution who extends help to students and
parents alike. They give the opportunity to
finance college education.

South Carolina Student Loan Corporation is the
only lender based in South Carolina. It has been
of great assistance to a lot of people in its service
of more than 30 years. South Carolina Student
Loan Corporation offers several federal loan
programs. There is the Stafford Loans for
students. This is one of those loans that do not
really look at the existing credit of the borrower.
For parents, there is an available PLUS Loan.
Both Stafford Loans and PLUS Loans are loans
with low and fixed interest rate.

For graduate and professional students, there is
an available GRAD PLUS Loans from the
Carolina Student Loan Corporation
. Payments for
this type of loan are not required while the
student is still enrolled. This is also the only
source for loans under the S.C Teacher Loan
Program. The goal of this program is for those
who are academically superior to enter the
teaching profession. If a recipient teaches after
graduation, that recipient is eligible to have some
of their debt cancelled.

There are times when students have to apply for
more than one loan. This usually happens when
one loan cannot suffice or fund for their college
education. The repayments later on will cause a
lot of trouble for someone with a lot of debt with
different lenders. Why? One is that a number of
checks must be written each month to pay each
lender. This would cost the borrower a lot in their

There are also consolidation programs being
offered by the corporation so that several loans
can be combined. When this happens, only one
payment must be made each month by the
borrower. This will make the budget of the
borrower easier to manage. You might be glad to
know that aside from the fact that the
Carolina Student Loan Corporation
continues to
help students to finance their college education,
they also educate these students on how to
manage their debt through counseling.

South Carolina Student Loan Corporation